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Harnessing the Power of Communication During Ramadan


Harnessing the Power of Communication During Ramadan

Abdulrahman Inayat, Co-Founder and Director of KSA-based independent marketing communications consultancy W7Worldwide, on how to communicate with the community during the holy month. 

The coronavirus pandemic is a reminder that we are all part of one global community and dependent on each other. This year, the holy month of Ramadan lands amidst efforts across the globe to halt the Covid-19 pandemic.

For over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, this period marks a special time of personal and religious reflection, self-discipline, renewing of kinship ties, sharing of knowledge; and is characterized by daily fasts and charitable acts of kindness. With social distancing measures in place, Ramadan will be like no other before. There will be no communal prayers in mosques and none of the traditional family and community gatherings to break the fast.

Ramadan during Covid-19

This year’s Ramadan comes amid exceptional circumstances that disrupt one of the most valued traditions for Muslims. We are living through a time of epic change. How we communicate will have enormous power in determining the direction of that change. We can lay the seeds of a new future with shared beliefs and behaviors in a way that motivates, galvanizes and inspires. Humans have a natural desire to connect and communicate with each other. Harnessing the power of communications, Ramadan is an opportunity to build social ties, reach out to each other, stand in solidarity and show compassion.

During Ramadan, the focus is on friendships, family, community building and knowledge sharing, which is made possible with the many communications tools we now have at our disposal. People consume more media during Ramadan and more so this year because of the lockdown rules. In fact, in the pandemic, we have all found new digital ways of connecting with each other. Communication remains the key to our survival as individuals and success as communities.

Ramadan remains the month of communications

Ramadan is an opportunity for social and cultural exchange to connect locally and globally, activating values in target audiences that lead them to be more compassionate, kind, generous and united during this time of crisis. As professional communicators, we need to reflect on the importance of communications in the dissemination of knowledge, bringing people together and creating positive interactions.

No matter the effects of Covid-19, Ramadan remains synonymous with communications and an opportunity for all of us to connect and renew our beliefs and commitment to our faith. Muslims around the world are celebrating the joy and blessings of the holy month, creating a sense of common purpose that generates positivity, optimism and perseverance to help us all navigate the crisis.

These hard times are an even better reason for us to stay more connected and generous towards the community. Charity serves as one of the pillars of the Ramadan period, so corporate social responsibility efforts have long been associated with an increase in charitable giving and volunteering.  This year, brands can show their humanity by creating strong links with the community and engaging audiences in their Covid-19 relief efforts for the common good of all.

A guide to Ramadan communications during Covid-19

W7Worldwide believes that Ramadan represents the importance of communications and that now, more than ever, we must feel its spirit and make more efforts to connect and communicate not just with our families and peers, but also, with the community.

For this reason and to mark the occasion as a month of kinship, community, and knowledge-sharing, W7Worldwide is celebrating Ramadan as the ‘Month of Communication’ to reinforce our core vision of creating communications and dialogue with positive impact. As part of our efforts and commitment to supporting businesses and organizations with our expert knowledge, we have created a dedicated Covid-19 resource center sharing guides and communications strategies to adopt throughout the crisis. This includes our guide to creating a meaningful Ramadan 2020 CSR campaign.

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