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Xpress Money goes the CSR route on Mother’s Day


Xpress Money goes the CSR route on Mother’s Day

Xpress Money launched a campaign called “Mother’s Day for Kids without Mothers” on the occasion of Mother’s Day as part of its CSR platform, H.O.P.E, in collaboration with Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines.

The objective was to unite the OFW (Overseas Filipino) community and bring them together in support of the Philippines’ street kids, to provide the children with a better future.

As part of the campaign, between April 21 and May 14, Xpress Money contributed a part of the transfer fees an OFW paid to send money to the Philippines. Since Xpress Money is present in 160 countries, it’s in a position to reach out to OFW’s across these countries and make a difference to the lives of abandoned children.

The outcome of the campaign will see Xpress Money help children by providing them with food, shelter, good quality education, hobby classes etc. in the long term.

Celebrating Mother’s Day: Keeping in mind the fact that abandoned children are deprived of a Mother’s love, Xpress Money also organized an event on the occasion of Mother’s Day at Virlanie Foundation by appealing to their customers to nominate women residing in Manila to spend a few hours with the children at the foundation. 27 mothers joined in to spend some time with more than 60 children at the foundation.

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