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Subway brings strangers together through its Pop Up Iftar


Subway brings strangers together through its Pop Up Iftar

The act of breaking fast during Ramadan is both a spiritual and emotional experience. Be it bonding with family, sharing the blessings of the Holy Month with your community or simply enjoying a great meal with your loved ones, iftar is a time for togetherness.

But in a diverse, metropolitan region like the GCC, and especially in the UAE, a growing number of working professionals and students find themselves alone and unable to experience the communal joy and togetherness of a homely iftar. Being a brand with a mission to bring quality food and positivity to consumers, Subway set out to give six strangers a little taste of the togetherness of iftar.

Subway’s Pop-up iftar is centered on the ‘The People’s Platter’ – a standard Subway sandwich platter that caters to all tastes with a wide variety of sandwiches… but this time, it talks to its guests through Emirati social media celebrity, Bin Baz.

With Baz speaking on a mic from a nearby van, it seemed as if the platter was calling out to passersby inviting them to sit down for an iftar together.

The brand’s gesture of bringing people together from all walks of life is a simple gesture of togetherness in a time where divisiveness seems to be at an all-time high, the

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