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Saudi Arabia inspired by STC’s “Um Ali”


Saudi Arabia inspired by STC’s “Um Ali”

In 2015, Saudi Arabia’s largest telco, STC, was losing ground to broadband competition due to a disconnect with the youth – the most avid YouTubers in the world. So, STC launched a branded content hub called “LaYawgif”. The name is a message in itself. Meaning “non-stop,” LaYawgif aimed to give young Saudis the freedom to create and watch local content and “not let anything stop them”.

Since then, STC has used the platform to host various competitions designed to cast more actors and hunt for new directors.

In under a year, STC became the market leader in broadband with a 22 percent increase in revenue and market share and LaYwagif became the most visited YouTube channel in the Kingdom and the world’s number one telco YouTube channel.

Continuing its growth in the broadband arena, STC introduced “Um Ali,” a Saudi matriarch who lets nothing come between her and her browsing. Engrossed in her smartphone, she unintentionally walks across Saudi Arabia. The video went viral in just one week, garnering over two million views, several laughs and even a national marathon, the “Race Um Ali”, organized by The Riyadh Women’s Walking Group.


Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson Riyadh

Chafic Haddad, Chief Creative Operations Officer

Rayyan Aoun, Executive Creative Director

Amr Wagih, Creative Director

Elie Choueiry, Associate Creative Director

Max Dipasupil, Art Director

Ezzeddine Yassine, Art Director

Maher Kaidbey, Senior Producer

Jude Alsaati, Junior Producer

Yazeed Alharthi, Senior Copywriter

Abeer Alsalem, Copywriter

Jad Haddad, Associate Business Director 

Production House: Telfaz 11

Nizar Qandi, Director

Alaa Fadan, Executive Producer

Amr Alammari, DOP

Eisa Hashim, Music

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