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Glade launches new Snapchat lens for Women’s Day


Glade launches new Snapchat lens for Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, SC Johnson’s Glade brand launched a national lens takeover using a new Snapchat selfie lens that celebrates the rich heritage and bright hopes of women in the Kingdom. Aligned with Glade’s new Elegant Amber and Oud™ fragrance, the Baby Abeer campaign (Abeer means “fragrance” in Arabic) invites every Saudi woman to make a wish for her future. Some of the wishes that women will be empowered to make for their country’s future generations include:

  • Inspire hope ألهمي الأمل
  • Have confidence تحلّي بالثقة
  • Be fearless كوني شجاعة
  • Embrace change تبنّي التغيير

The campaign team has created the first-ever Snapchat Lens triggered by a user’s eyes, allowing women to convey their optimism about the future while still wearing their traditional dress. The World View Lens, Snapchat’s outward facing camera, also uses hand technology, meaning that a woman wearing a full burka can engage with the Lens in public in Saudi Arabia. The campaign is the first time that hand technology has been used in a Snapchat Lens in Saudi Arabia.

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