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BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Philippe Aractingi


BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Philippe Aractingi

BLOM Bank and its agency Impact BBDO teamed up with four of Lebanon’s renowned directors: Philippe Aractingi, Chadi Younes, Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad, to create short three- to four-minute clips to show what peace of mind means to different people.

We spoke to the directors to understand more about what inspired their video. Here’s what Philippe Aractingi said:


Philippe Aractingi

What is the main theme/message of your video or rather, what is the “expression” being conveyed?

I wanted to portray the story of someone unconventional, someone who can make you dream, someone who can transport you into another world. I want to show people that it is possible to find happiness and peace of mind – which is the main theme of BLOM Bank – through differences. I want the spectator to escape into what I find to be the most beautiful thing: the beautiful nature of our country.

How is it relevant to BLOM Bank?

BLOM Bank’s slogan is “peace of mind”. It is a beautiful slogan. In my opinion, peace of mind is a state of mind. It lies somewhere beyond success, beyond happiness even. If I had to think how would peace of mind would translate into images, I would automatically imagine mountains, colorful skies, breezes of wind, trees, nature…
I would imagine Lebanon in all its beauty and purity as well as the majesty of its landscapes. I would imagine people who chose to live in nature, a nest for the peace of mind.

Was there any personal story that inspired this video?

Over the course of working on my feature films and documentaries, I have met many people. I have heard and listened to their stories, some of which turned out to be very inspiring. The one that struck me the most – and deals with the themes of compassion, optimism, openness, and acceptance – is the story of a man named Raja who later on became a friend.

Raja is a paraglider and a guide; more accurately a facilitator. I can even say in a way he “facilitates” or enables other people to be happy. Being a paraglider myself, I can relate to Raja’s world. This man has a very peculiar story. He was destined to have a lot of success in France, destined to marry a woman that would give him his father’s farm. Yet, his path turned out to be different.
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He faced many failures and obstacles, but still managed to be at total peace with himself thanks to the soothing effect of the Lebanese mountains.
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