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BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Chadi Younes


BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Chadi Younes

BLOM Bank and its agency Impact BBDO teamed up with four of Lebanon’s renowned directors: Philippe Aractingi, Chadi Younes, Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad, to create short three- to four-minute clips to show what peace of mind means to different people.

We spoke to the directors to understand more about what inspired their video. Here’s what Chadi Younes said:

Chadi Younes

Chadi Younes

What is the main theme/message of your video or rather, what is the “expression” being conveyed?

When I was asked to work on a video based on the BLOM’s motto, I soon realized that the concept of ‘Peace of Mind’ means different things to different people at different stages of their lives. It also occurred to me that peace of mind and happiness don’t necessarily dance hand in hand.

In my short film, Habib the little boy has to let go of his most valuable treasure and finds comfort with his Grandmother who promises to take care of it. Her peace of mind, however, is knowing that he’s safe from harm, but sadly far away from her in a different continent.

So in essence, peace of mind can come from trust as well as great sacrifice.

How is it relevant to BLOM Bank?

It is only relevant to BLOM on a thematic level, as it tries to explore more ways to look at “peace of mind” conceptually.

But besides that, I stayed away from the TV commercial format, and I just told a story.

Was there any personal story that inspired this video?

A lot of people asked if these were actual events of my own childhood but, besides having a set of Matchbox cars with my brother as a kid, none of it is purely personal. I may have tapped into the Lebanese collective memory, but seeing how much it touched people who did not live the war, or are not even remotely Lebanese, I think the story goes beyond the Lebanese civil war premise. Attachment, separation, sense of belonging, and generational continuity are universal themes that we all relate to.


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