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Algerian football superstar Riyad Mahrez and PepsiCo team up


Algerian football superstar Riyad Mahrez and PepsiCo team up

PepsiCo and Algerian football superstar Riyad Mahrez have teamed up as part of an Algerian Pride campaign to inspire younger people to reach for their dreams and rally the country around football.
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The move is part of efforts by PepsiCo to tap in to Algeria’s passion and love for football and to inspire people to be more motivated to achieve their dreams.

Mahrez, the local hero who plays for the Algerian team and English Premier League side Leicester City, said he was proud of PepsiCo’s campaign. “It is a privilege to represent PepsiCo and to join forces with the company here in Algeria where my father was born and where young people have big dreams but are too often faced with social economic barriers that they must first overcome.
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I know that because, when I was young, I had to surmount many barriers on the path to success. But, as they have for me, dreams can come true, even if the odds are sometimes stacked against you. Football can inspire younger generations and give people a strong sense of pride in Algeria. The support of PepsiCo can help to rally the nation, and show how the gap between potential and achievement can be bridged,” says Mahrez, in a statement.

As a part of the campaign, Mahrez created a YouTube video urging young Algerians to follow his lead in pursuing their dreams. As part of an ensuing competition, Mahrez will then engage younger Algerians in grassroots football skills auditions to grant the winners a chance to meet him for a training session.

“This is part of a ‘National Pride’ campaign by PepsiCo to inspire younger Algerians to dream big, and to urge the nation to unite and cheer for their team as led by Mahrez,” adds Hossam Dabbous, vice-president, Beverage Category, Middle East and Africa, PepsiCo. “In a country like Algeria where football is one of the most important sports, we know we can reach younger people through inspirational superstars like Mahrez. Algerians are passionate about football. It is a sport they love. Mahrez is an example of what can be achieved when hard work and talent are combined. Empowering people, which is what we are seeking to accomplish through the National Pride campaign, is part of PepsiCo’s core philosophy as set out in ‘Performance with Purpose’ – our belief that business success is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the world we share. We look forward to working with Mahrez on this important project for Algerian pride,” says Dabbous.

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