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Pikasso launches the first ever OOH and DOOH audience measurement in Lebanon



Pikasso launches the first ever OOH and DOOH audience measurement in Lebanon

Pikasso announced their partnership with two companies to obtain data for measuring OOH effectiveness in Lebanon. The first partner announced was Cuende Infometrics. Daniel Cuende from Cuende Infometrics described the process of obtaining high-resolution images of vehicle traffic through satellites. These images are used to analyze traffic intensity and variation in different areas. In addition to the data obtained from the images, Cuende Infometrics obtained data from Ipsos to understand the population and traffic flow. Cuende Infometrics can also provide the best viewing distance for accurate billboard placement. The reported analysis is based on billboard location, size, direction and obstacles. The combined analysis provided by Cuende Infometrics allows targeting of different market segments to achieve effective reach and accurate frequency.

Pikasso also partnered with Quividi for screens inside malls. Quividi specializes in audience viewability measurement. To provide insightful data, Quividi utilizes screens in shopping destinations, such as malls, with cameras for face detection and interactive ads. The cameras allow the collection of demographic data to register attention and dwell time in front of the screen. This technology developed by Quividi also detects four states of mood. These features provide the best way to contextualize and engage the target audience with brands. The data generated is managed by web platforms and measured effectively to drive user responsiveness.

With this new innovation, Lebanon will witness a change in the outdoor advertising scene.

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