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5 things we heard at the PR Pressure Conference

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5 things we heard at the PR Pressure Conference

Organized by Secret PR, the PR Pressure Conference is an annual forum to discuss the challenges and issues concerning the PR industry in the UAE. Held on March 1 in Dubai, the daylong conference discussed three key topics: legal aspects, language barriers and the PR in the digital space. Experts included Alex Malouf, board member, MEPRA; Mazen Al Olaiwi, journalist and media trainer and Ahmad AlRahoomi, director of corporate communications & international relations at Dubai Sports Council.

Here are the five key points we got from the conference:

  1. Traditional vs. Digital: Why do we still have this debate? We’re well into the digital age – it started nearly twenty years ago!
  2. On Influencers: They might be the rage right now, but remember that an influencer can’t bring the knowledge and expertise of a journalist. Also, high number of followers does not guarantee engagement – they might not even be your target audience.
  3. Translation: Literal translation of PR content from English to Arabic doesn’t work anymore. It may be grammatically correct, but you’ll risk losing the nuance and meaning of the message.
  4. Drafting contracts: You may be reluctant to get a lawyer to fine-tune the details of your contract now, but the investment will save you in the long run if the client turns out to be a bad egg and doesn’t pay.
  5. Be different. PR companies in the region play it too safe these days. But what goes viral is bold, different and brave.


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