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Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) introduces digital-only banking


Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) introduces digital-only banking

Regional digital advertising agency, Hug Digital has launched what it claims to be the UAE’s first digital-only banking service, CBD NOW, for CBD. The new service aims to target millennials and digitally connected users.

The mobile service combines smart notifications, mobile tools and ‘NOW’ themed rewards and offers around gaming, tech, food, music and sport. CBD NOW is focused on providing users with “personalized, innovative, and convenient financial solution on their mobile,” says the agency in a statement.

Additionally, CBD NOW aims to crowdsource its future direction from users through the “co-founder” program that involves customer input in building the “bank of their dreams” by listening to their input and acting upon it.

‘Winning this challenging digital-centric business, represents the future mindset of marketers, NOW!” says Tim Baker, CEO of Hug Digital.

The agency will provide fully immersive and comprehensive 360-degree solutions to launch the new service to UAE residents.

Haysam Fahmy, head of digital marketing and performance at CBD, adds, “Hug Digital’s team have worked tirelessly to launch CBD NOW, a revolutionary digital only bank; the first in UAE. Their mix of creativity, technical capability and unique take on digital performance media, have made them the perfect partner for our exciting challenger brand.”

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