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Brand Ripplr Changing the Game in the Influencer Marketing Space


Brand Ripplr Changing the Game in the Influencer Marketing Space

Brand Ripplr, a state-of-the-art influencer marketing platform based in the UAE making a big splash in the influencer marketing sector, has just secured $1million Series A investment from the Dubai Angel Investors and other individual investors. The funds will be used to expand Brand Ripplr’s footprint across the region, including in Saudi Arabia.

Founded in Dubai, Brand Ripplr is the region’s leading influencer marketing platform which connects brands with over 55,000 content creators and reaches an audience of over 300 million consumers in MENA across all the major social media channels – Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Brand Ripplr provides a front-to-end campaign management solution that caters to a growing portfolio of over 75 clients, including global power-houses Pepsi, Etisalat, Nestlé, and Uber.

Notably, Brand Ripplr has extended its services, cooperating with esports entities, gamers, and streamers, a fast-growing influencer space that is proving very rewarding and attracting many major brands.

Brand Ripplr leverages big data to allow clients to execute impactful influencer marketing campaigns by identifying and activating the region’s most impactful social media creators. The company’s clients benefit from industry-leading influencer audience analytics and performance tracking to deliver impressive results.  Brand Ripplr’s platform allows its clients to effectively monitor marketing ROI so that the impact of every campaign dollar spent can be evaluated.

Brand Ripplr’s innovation and technology earned it the title of ‘Most Favourited Startup’ at a recent Web Summit in Lisbon. “We built Brand Ripplr as a way to bridge the gap that exists between influencers and brands seeking exposure,” Founder Tanaz Dizadji explains. “By building a data-centric and full-service solution, every brand now has the opportunity to reach the right consumers to increase purchase consideration.”

Dubai Angel Investors is Brand Ripplr’s lead investor. According to its Chairman Abdullah Mutawi, Brand Ripplr represents a hugely compelling investment opportunity, given its position within the sphere of digital content production at scale. In his view, “Many consumer-facing industries are thirsty for effective and influential user-generated social media content. Brand Ripplr provides a solution that can only be described as “precision-guided influencer marketing” as it provides brands with a data-driven channel enabling influencers to develop credible content to reach highly targeted audiences.  The ROI and value-proposition for brands are unassailable and that is what will drive Brand Ripplr’s performance in the years to come.  We are very excited about this investment; Tanaz and her team are changing the game in the influencer marketing space.”

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