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Entourage expands to Saudi Arabia


Entourage expands to Saudi Arabia

After a series of new business acquisitions and a successful 2018, entourage is expanding into KSA.

“This is the year of Saudi,” says entourage marketing and events chief Mohammed Tayem. “In line with the leadership vision of Saudi Arabia, and with trillion dollar investments towards boosting the economy, we are very excited to be partners of the most ambitious growth story in the world.”

The Saudi expansion of the agency was being planned for years. In 2017, the agency partnered with the office of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, leaders of MiSK Foundation to manage the Shoof Forum, a social media forum in KSA. The mandate was to mobilize and empower the youth of the Kingdom providing them with the best in the world inspirations. Snapchat, Netflix, and YouTube are among the leading brands that the agency worked with to script the success of the major youth campaign.

“We take ownership of the partnership and work towards results that matter because the success of our partners is our biggest KPI,” adds Tayem. “The success of Shoof 2017 was followed by a huge demand for our expertise and we knew it was time to have a wider presence in the Kingdom to be able to deliver the same high standards of services and support that are expected of us by the top brands of the world that we serve: Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn to name a few.”

The agency is already partnering with various government departments and ministries to communicate the vision within the Kingdom and globally.

The agency has prior experience working with governments such as Egypt’s tourism campaign in 2014-2016; campaigns supporting the Prime Minister’s Office of the UAE toward the success of World Government Summit 2016-2018; and supporting the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation with the Knowledge Summit since 2014.

“We understand what it means to deliver success. We believe in ownership of the process, not outsourcing,” adds Tayem.Thus, Entourage has invested heavily in developing local capacity and expertise in the Kingdom to be able to manage expectations of ambitious projects, within strict restrictions of time.The agency is expanding by adding 1000 sqm of production facilities, which is equipped with state of the art assets with high-end digital production, carpentry, content development and videography solutions at the disposal of agency partners.

Headquartered in Dubai, the agency network is spread across key regional offices in Riyadh, Amman, Cairo, London and New York.

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